Anna Actually had 2 First Birthday parties.  One was on Saturday Night, the other on Sunday.  The party on Saturday night was also Anna's Uncle Harry's Birthday!

anna1st1.jpg (32735 bytes)Anna is on the left, Mary (My wife - Anna's Mom) is in the middle, and Grandpa Jim is on the right anna1st2.jpg (32785 bytes)Grandpa Jim is on the Left, Grandma Marge is in the middle, and Uncle Harry is on the right
anna1st3.jpg (41294 bytes)Uncle Harry and Aunt Susan anna1st6.jpg (30822 bytes)Blowing out the candle

The Second party was Sunday

anna1st7.jpg (37171 bytes)That's Me (Dad) with Anna anna1st8.jpg (32407 bytes)That's _MY_ mom,Grandma Anna, with Anna (Yes, Anna is named after her <g>)
anna1st12.jpg (282318 bytes) anna1st13.jpg (275734 bytes)
anna1st14.jpg (34967 bytes)Tha cake anna1st17.jpg (33223 bytes)(From bottom left - clockwise) Anna, Mary, "Grandma" Hellen, MY Dad - Grandpa Armand, Grandma Anna, and Me
anna1st23.jpg (25405 bytes)The next day