Many higer end Morse Code Keys (aka "Iambic" Paddles) now come with a 1/8" stereo mini-jack, instead of a hard wired cord. The problem is that many of the most popular paddles,including Bencher BY series, the Kent TP-1 Twin Paddle, and the Vibroplex Iambic keys do NOT come with this option.

Here is how I install one of these jacks.

The first thing I do, after wrapping the key to protect it, is mill a pocket on the bottom of the key to fit the jack. I then wire the jack using PTFE (Teflon™) insulated wire and install the jack. I then test the key to ensure proper functioning.

The jack is wired so that the right paddle is the ring on the jack. Left is tip, and sleeve is ground. This can be easily changed, but is the normal standard.

Bencher BY-1

This is a modified Bencher BY-1 key - notice the mini-jack on the rear of the key (towards the bottom in the top view)

BY-1 top view BY-1 top view

Notice the wiring in the bottom view. All wires used are Teflon™ coated.

Bencher BY-2

BY-1 top view

Kent TP-1

BY-1 top view BY-1 top view


If you are looking to have this done to your key (Bencher, Kent, etc) feel free to Email Me