There is a part of Ham Radio called contesting, or Radio Sport. You can find a contest on the airwaves almost every weekend. They range from small local 'QRP' contests (QRP are radios under 5 watts) to huge, like the CQ Magazine World Wide contests.

I am NOT an avid contester, and in fact, have not contested in a couple of years due to family commitments, but when I have, I've found it fun.

My station is very much what would be considered a 'Pop-gun' station, as compared to 'Big Guns'.
That said, it has been upgraded quite a bit since the last page update. I have an FT-1000 MkV Field (a GOOD radio), a Alpha 78, a LDG AT-1000Pro Antenna Tuner, a Force 12 C3SS for 10,15 and 20 (and it'll tune 12 and 17 with the tuner), a Force 12 D140 for 40m and a T.V. Evans 64ft 17m-80m dipole.

In 2012, I took 1st place, in the NY QSO Party in the Low Power SSB Class - my first piece of hardware for the wall

I've decided "Hey, let's put up some links, just so others can get an idea"


Of course, the Number one hint? Keep your Butt In the Chair (BIC) for the length of the contest