I've always been at least slightly interested in ham radio, in fact, back in college, I often hung out at the ham radio station.

When 9/11 occured, I figured that one way to help out, (and to have my own emergency communications) was to get my Amateur Radio license (Call sign KG2V, ex KC2IXE), and join NYC ARES

Since that time, I became (and left) the position of Queens County ARES "Emergency Coordinator"

As part of my "emergency preparedness", I always carry a Go Bag

NYC ARES recommends that you equip your rig with Anderson Power Pole Connectors. More Info HERE


My latest Ham Radio project is to modifiy my old Bencher key to have a 1/8" Mini-Jack

BY-1 top

Another common project for me is to make adaptors to Yaesu G-8xxx series rotors to the common T2X tailtwister or Han IV bolt pattern

I sell these, and they are P.O.R., as the raw materials (6" diameter 6061 slabs 1 inch thick) change in price dramatically

Yaesu Adaptor

My Ham Radio 'Shack'

My shack currently has a Yaesu FT-1000 MkV Field as it's radio, Alpha79, a MJF Versatuner IV as the tuner, and a Microkeyer for computer CW and digital modes.

The antennas are a Force12 C3SS for 10-20m, an Force12 D140 for 40m , and a T.V. Evans 17m+80m dipole for 80m.



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