Way back when, I was contacted Via e-mail, and asked if I would be interested in working on some PC based CNC software.  It seems that the previous author, Kevin Carrol, had passed away.

Well, I said yes, and I worked on it.  Right now, the software is BETA quality.  Use it at your own risk.


I'd like to thank all the other users out there who have tested on the code and made improvements I really didn't expect others to jump in, and it's been fun. What I'd like to do is propose some coding conventions, and arrange to make it easier to roll changes into the common source code!

Build 11 is HERE

The posts of build 11 REQUIRE that you install the older version of Stepster FIRST, and need to be in the same directory. They do NOT have the necessary support files!

Stepster Version 979 - Includes Docs.  This was Kevin's last version that I have

Stepster Version 979 Source Code

Stepster Version 979a Build 11 - EXE Only - Needs support files from older versions - ZIP Format

Stepster Version 979a Build 11 BAS file - BAS file only

At this point all versions of Stepster have been compiled with PowerBasic.